ACFIN´s mission is to provide Master Service Administration of securitized asset with the highest standards of quality and informational security.
In its Role as a Master Servicer, ACFIN supervises and protect investor interests through a proper surveillance of the origination process and surveillance of the development of the asset portfolios, since the issuance of the first credit to the payment of the final obligation.

Acfin´s Role is to provide portfolio´s INFORMATION to funds and investors, generated under better CONTROL condition:

CONTROL to reduce operational risk and to provide service's continuity:

  • Conciliation of each transaction applied to the asset under management and of each cash flows tranfered to the SPVs.
  • Due diligence to the information that back the securities and to the services provided by Primary Administrators.
  • Informational Back Up Services and Primary Administrator substitution capabilities.
INFORMATION through quality reports for an effective evaluation of portfolio performances and for a correct debt valuation:

  • Independence and Transparency without conflict of interest.
  • High Quality Standardized Reports.
  • Timed and Accessible Information.

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