• Diagnosis and Evaluation: Acfin, provides the portfolio┬┤s Diagnosis and Evaluation services in order to check the feasibility of the securitization of them.
  • Historical Performance Analysis: We deliver historical behavior analyses of each portfolio during their life. This allows the estimation of rating agencies' parameters of each administered portfolio.
  • Structure and Classification of Securitized Bonds: We support the structuring and securitization entities in the optimization of the diverse debt asset and bond models, in accordance with the rating agencies parameters.
  • Asset Portfolio Administration or Master (Master Servicing): Acfin provides the service of conciliation and validation of each cash flow, operation and information related to the asset portfolio that the primary servicer execute and provide. We elaborate customized status reports of each portfolio during their life accordingly with the needs of the entities involved: SPVs, Rating Agencies, Regulators, Administrators and Investors.
  • Securitization Administration (Trustee Function): Supervision of the cash flow payments through the securitization channel and the proper payment to the bondholders.
PRIMARY SERVICING: Credit Origination, Administration and Management
  • We provide an operative platform to our clients that allow the credit approval, the grant, the follow up and the formalization processes management. Additionally, we provide a credit administration platform that allows the credit follow up processes since the origination to the extinction with the last payment.
  • ACFINEDGE @ Servicing: Administration and Credit Management Platform.
  • ACFINEDGE @ Originación: Credit Origination and Grant Platform.

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